Monday, June 2, 2008

'New' Door

When we moved here 8 years ago we had a garage. Well...that got converted into my art studio of course! There was one of those outside doors between the studio & the rest of the house...& it was UGLY! The last couple of years we've been on a quest to find just the perfect door to replace the original one. We looked at new doors....we looked at salvaged doors....we looked & looked. Some were way out of our budget...some were in our budget, but weren't right...some were beat up & expensive. I am happy to report that our long quest is finally over! We got this really cool salvaged door from Habbitat for Humanity. This door was just right! It was in good shape & affordable & I just LOVE the glass in it! It even came with the original brass door knob. I just wish I knew the history of the door. Now I want to collect doors...old salvaged doors that need a good home...I think I need one for every room in the house! To the left of the photo is one of my paintings & to the right you can partially see my coolection of old mirrors.

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