Monday, June 2, 2008

Vulnerability's not a bad thing to be's not a sign of weakness. Think of it more as a soft strength. It takes a lot of courage to let ones gaurd down & allow themself to be allow others to see our soft underbelly...I think we all have a hard time asking for help or sharing our most intimate thoughts & feelings. So many times in the past we've had experiences with other people who judged us when we were vulnerable or they let us down when we asked for help. By being vulnerable I think we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves & our dearest friends. By being vulnerable we give others the gift of feeling good about helping & deepening our connections with one another. By being vulnerable we have to trust too & that can be just has hard. I mean how many times have we trusted people in the past & they just took advantage & hurt us??? Someplace in our mind we said, "NEVER AGAIN.", and we became more suspicious of others & sadly hardened our heart. So live on the edge today, even if it is just a little bit...Be daring! Open your heart up...speak your heart...Be vulnerable!

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