Monday, June 2, 2008

Tony the Builder

Here's what I've had Tony up to...We decided to put a roof over the hot tub. We're hoping we'll use it more when it's raining & in the winter. The roof is just phase one. Now Tony is going to put deck around the hot tub. Then he'll enclose the whole thing with our old fence & an old door that was here when we moved in. The door was part of a greenhouse. Unfortunately we had to take down the greenhouse because it was about to fall down. But we've made good use out of it's windows & now the door. Eventually we'll put a door where that window is so we can just walk out & get in the tub. We'll do that when we replace the siding........Don't even get me started about the siding...that story will have to wait for another day. OH! We're also thinking of putting a fountain off of the roof that will mimic will fall into an old bathtub. I'm hoping I'll find a robin's egg blue tub. Stay tuned for the final project!

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