Monday, August 25, 2008

A Bat!

Yesterday I was getting ready to work in the studio...I opened the back studio door so that Lizzie the cat (now known at Lizzie the mighty moth hunter...which is another story) could look out the screen door. She's a house kitty so this is the closest she gets to outside. Then I was off to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. After all, my creative process requires coffee...all thick & dark...a nice organic french roast...mmmmmmm...I puttered about the kitchen waiting for my coffee & when it was finished brewing I poured myself a cup & axiously headed to the studio. As I came down the steps into my studio, I just happened to look at the screen door...AND THERE IT WAS! A BAT! Now Lizzie was quiet & just watching...the bat was on the upper part of the screen door (on the outside thank goodness!) way out of her reach. Now this was in the afternoon...about 3ish or so...I immediately paid attention because I thought it to be so odd. I called Tony at work to ask him if the bat could bite or scratch Lizzie through the screen door...Tony said he didn't know, but to take a picture...good thing he told me that because I was just so amazed & just wanted to watch it...but something told me to get the cat outa there first so I grabbed her (against her wishes of course...she just knew she was a mighty hunter & was gonna get that bat). Then I took pictures while I was still on the phone with Tony. The bat moved very quickly down the screen door & then flew in a clockwise circle in my yard & then came back to the screen, paused, & then flew into our maple tree.

The Bat represents the energy of rebirth. Known as the guardians of the night, they possess the power of adaptability. Bats can reflect our need to deal with our fears. The message of the Bat may be alerting you that transformation of the ego is upon you and is asking you to surrender to the process....hmmmm. I also looked Bat up in the Medicine Cards & it said basically the same thing, but with more detail. Another website said that if a bat is out in the daytime it may be have lost it's home, be sick, or have rabies....after reading that I was a little creeped out.

Now Lizzie was on high alert because of this so she was a bit jumpy & excitedly looked out the windows for the bat the rest of the day. That night a moth got in the house & Lizzie was delighted! She chased that moth all over the house! So that's why she is now known as Lizzie the Mighty Moth Hunter.

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