Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

How did we get so busy these days? Seems like we're always doing something. I guess I just have a lot of living to do!

So what have we been doing to keep ourselves so busy? Well, let's see...A couple of weekends ago was a friends bachlorette party, which entailed many bottles of champange in the longest limo I've ever seen...complete with laser lights, starry sky lights on the cieling, & blue lightning balls. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the evening...but a good time was had by all & that's all I can say....shhhhhhhh....Then Dad & I went to the Julamsh Pow Wow & watched the Grand Entry & the dancers. During the week we went to the Imax theater to see the Dark Knight...WOW! Now that was a whole lot of fun! We all loved the movie & it was especially good on the Imax screen! There were a couple of times that I felt like I needed a seatbelt! If you ever get a chance to see a movie at the Imax, DO IT! You'll have a good time. Let me see...what else??? OH! We went to the Street Fair & Art on the Green...Lot's of stuff to look at...I bought a couple of skiens of sari 'yarn' (yarn made from the fibers of shredded silk sari's)...other than that I didn't see a lot to buy. Don't get me wrong, there was many many talented artists & lot's of wonderful things to buy, however, prices were a little out of my current budget range, but lot's of inspiration to go around! Plus I did a ton of walking & didn't even get sore. Yay me! LOL Other than that we've been doing stuff around town like going to the farmer's market & hiking around (yes, all the way around) Tubbs Hill (again, Yay me!)...we've been catching up on yard work & house work too...which takes time...I'm in no way a domestic goddess, but I do try....I just gotta get a maid one of these days...I'd rather do yard work.

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