Friday, August 22, 2008

A Couple Weekends Ago...

...we went to our friends wedding. (Yes, I know I'm behind on my blog...I always am...would you expect any less?) We stayed at the Country Inn hotel in Sagle...It was like a time warp! Our room was the Matadoor Room...yes, you read correctly...Lot's of hardwood paneling & kitchy spanich style 'paintings' right out of the 70's...complete with a vibrating bed! Now if you like a rock hard king size bed that vibrates, the Matadoor Room is definately for you. You just can't get a vibrating bed at a national chain hotel. And they advertised free breakfast...look at the picuture below...that was the & Little Debbie cinnamon rolls & cookies. I was happy with just coffee because we had already decided to go into Sandpoint & have a big breakfast at Panhandler Pies for our daughter's birthday. That morning I woke her up singing Happy Birthday & offered to take her for a spin on the vibrating bed. She declined, so Tony & I took it for a ride...the kitch factor of a vibrating bed is good, but the ride itself was kinda blah. There is a drive through espresso stand in the hotel parking lot though that had bagels. After a super yummy breakfast in Sandpoint, we strolled around the Farmer's Market & then went to the art festival in the park. It was a super busy weekend! OH, & our friends wedding was goregous & magical! The bride was beautiful, the groom was very handsome, & the food was really good! They did a whole roasted pig! It was an outdoor wedding...during the reception a storm rolled in...what a light show! Lot's of lightning, thunder, & rain. The bride danced barefoot in the rain :)

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