Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Apple Tree

There's a couple of trees in our backyard that have been here since we moved in 8 years ago...We weren't really sure what they were...but this year they grew APPLES! Nice apples too! So we climbed up a ladder & picked 'em & I made a pie. It was really yummy! While I was peeling the apples to make the pie, Tony was watching me...I was using a little pairing knife to peel the skin hands were cramping up & it was really getting to be quite the chore. Tony says, "Why don't you just use a vegtable peeler?". Huh? My mother never did it that way. I tried it anyhow...& guess worked like a charm! How come I never thought of that? Did anyone else know that? I love men. They think different & see things different & sometimes that is a good thing. LOL

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5pointed said...

Teehee! I remember seeing this woman on a cooking show peeling apples with a knife and thinking, "That has got to hurt after a few apples". Peeler is the only way to go!