Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tony The Mighty Pumpkin Hunter & Other Adventures From Yesterday

Yesterday when Tony & I woke up we saw what a BEAUTIFUL Autumn day it was. It was definately not a day for housework, chores, or hauling wood. Ok, well...I guess it was a good day to haul wood, but who wants to do that when there is a spark of adventure in the air? So the plan we hatched was that we needed some pumpkins for our front porch. Where to find the perfect pumpkin? We decided a trip to Greenbluff was in order! Especially since neither one of us had ever been there.

On the way to Greenbluff, we came across the Peone Cemetery. Since taking photos in cemeteries is a new hobby of mine (that's a whole other story...stay tuned!), we had to stop. This cemetery is a sweet little country cemetery & has a very peaceful, comforting, & sparkleing vibe. We were walking the paths in the autumn sunshine...Then I looked up...& what did I see? An Owl! Yep! I have never seen a real live Owl in person. 'He' was so amazing! He's watching us watching him...I took several pictures of course! Then he flew to another tree across the way. So we're walking back to the car & we found a very small Owl feather. How cool is that?

Then it's back on the road to go to Greenbluff in search of the perfect pumpkin. We ended up at Beck's Harvest House. They are open 7 days a week & they have a little restaurant...After all, it is very important to keep up your strength when you're pumpkin hunting ;) They have quite the thing going on! Produce, wine, honey, gifts, & pleanty of activities for the kids. We both had burgers & potato salad & it was REALLY good. We found white pumpkins, which were sweet looking, so we bought two of them...but we still were on a quest for the perfect pumpkin....

We decided to go to Carver Farms. It's on the way home & one year they had fairytale pumpkins. So back in the car...We got to Carver Farms & we walked all over the pumpkin patch. Finally, we found it! The perfect pumpkin! Tony carefully cut it from the vines to preserve the stem in all it's glory. didn't look that big on the ground...Tony carried that pumpkin on his shoulder for a quarter mile! When we weighed it it was 57 pounds...23 1/2 inches tall...& 56 inches around! Definately a trophey pumpkin!

Yesterday was a perfect day! Now is wood hauling & house cleaning day. I think I'm going to need more coffee for today's projects...much more coffee....

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