Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Story of the Kitchen Painting Fiasco

This is the latest in our home projects. We painted the kitchen green...kinda a pea green. If you've seen my kitchen before, it was already green, but it had seen better days & I wanted a darker muddier green. We settled on Ryegrass...Tony & I painted the kitchen, stood back & took a look. Here's the thing...the way the light was hitting two of the walls...well, they looked like a weird pastel green. There is no way we could leave it like that...I just knew our friends would come over & think I'd lost my friggin' mind...I could hear it now, "Um, Karmen? What's with the pastel walls?" Seriously, if you know me well enough, you KNOW I'm not a pastel anything kind of you'd definately think that if I actually chose that color, that I had finally lost my mind & all sence of reason.

Something had to be done! The other two walls were fine...they were indeed the color we wanted. However, the other two offending pastel walls would have to go. We chose to go to the next darkest color on the paint chip...Olive...we repainted & everything turned out fine & now I can entertain friends with my dignity intact!

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