Friday, October 24, 2008

Dissapointing Dinner

We went to The Pizza Shoppe for dinner. We've went there before & they used to have the best pizza in Coeur d'Alene...I mean it took awhile to get your pizza, but it was so worth it because it was so good. It was good...was...I seriously don't think I've ever had worse pizza or service. I honestly wish I didn't even have to give it one star...yes, that's how bad it was. Where to start? There were so many things. The guy behind the counter that took our order was pretty indifferent & unfriendly. He was the only one taking orders & getting drinks & plates. There were two people in the back making pizzas...they looked overwhelmed, deflated, beaten down by stress & they moved as slow as a sloth. I noticed that only one of their ovens was working. There was a family in front of took 10 minutes to take our order. We ordered a medium combination pizza & a salad bar. That was at 5:45 pm. There were several uncleaned tables complete with half eaten pizza, crumbs, & dishes. We asked ourselves why anyone would leave half a pizza behind. We noticed that several people had complained that they hadn't got their food yet...customers were even complaining to each other, asking how long they had been waiting. I was very happy to have ordered the salad bar...I was so hungry. The salad bar was fine...nothing outstanding, but it was ok. A girl came back from a pizza delivery. Ok, so now there's 4 people working. She came out & cleaned a couple tables, but left the rest. We finally got our pizza 1 hour & 15 minutes after we ordered. It was delivered to our table with a seriously bad apology for it taking so long...not a word. She just put the pizza on the table & walked off. The top of the pizza didn't look as done as we would have liked it, but we were hungry so we dug in. It wasn't very hot...usually when you bite into fresh out of the oven pizza the sauce is like napalm & it burns your mouth...sadly, not this was warm pizza. We were hungry though so we ate some more...Upon further inspection, however, we discovered that the top half of the crust was still raw & doughy. Yuck! Now we knew why there was half eaten pizza at the table next to us. We complained & they gave us the choice of refunding our money or a free large pizza. Since we are never going back, we took the refund. My hubby also told them they had horrible customer service & that the energy in their establishment was heavy & deflated. The guy behind the counter said that he appreciated our opinion.

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