Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spooky Pics

Just sharin' a few pictures taken with my new camera. Tony gave me a great camera for my birthday. He says now I have no excuses...I have to get to work in the studio! I'm super blessed that Tony is part of my life.'s the pictures. The first one is of a green orb in our maple tree.The second picture is of a headstone with an orb in the Lewiston cemetary.The third picture is kinda different...Not sure what the shadow kinda looks like a shadow from a headstone, but the only headstone that was anywhere near me, was behind my flash couldn't have made that shadow. It wasn't the sun either...there were lots of trees in this cemetery & the sun was setting behind the clouds.Not sure what exactly any of these things are...just thought they were interesting during this spooky month of October.

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