Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Notice

I had a somewhat small project that I needed to have printed & my ink was running low...& the budget was a wee tight so I wanted to postpone the purchase of ink cartriges until payday...soooooo off to the local print shop I went. I just needed 9 pages...that's it.

The next day I picked up my order & took it home. I took everything out of the paper bag...not only was there my 9 printed pages (which were quite lovely), but all the packaging stuff from the print shop. There was: the brown paper bag with stickers, a skicky note (that my order had been checked), a customer service post card, three 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper (a checklist of proceedures), one 11 x 17 sheet of paper that had been used as a folder of sorts which had advertising for the print shop, 1 sample note pad, & of course the reciept.

Now this is not a comment on the print shop & thier service was very good. However, now that we are working on being more green, I'm noticing more & more all of the packaging that there is when we buy things. I was just so supprized that there would be so much paper for some color copies. In the future I will definately use my home printer, which makes great copies all on it's own & I'll be saving a few trees in the process.

Just start noticing how much packaging is with the things you purchase. How much of it is there? What's it made of? Can it be recycled? Is there an alternitive option with less packaging (like buying lettuce not wrapped in plastic)? And it's not that you have to change your choices, but maybe when you just stop & notice like I did, maybe you will choose differently...& if you decide not to worry about it, that's ok too...we all make changes in our own time. Just notice.

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