Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day

I am definately behind in my blogging duties here at Karny Life! Life at the Karny household has been super busy! I'd like to get things caught up around here...stay tuned & it will all get here sooner or later.

For Mother's Day my beautiful daughter got me these flowers. It is such a splurge for me! It's rare that I get flowers from the store...usually I buy plants or herbs & then grow lots of flowers in the yard for arrangements...after all the Karny household is on a budget these days.

Then we dyed eachothers hair...My daughter went darker & I did the same ol' thing...dark. Then we were going to put colored steaks in our hair...Now that's a whole other stay tuned for, 'The Dream & The Nightmare of Purple Hair', in the future.

We went & visited my Mom for a bit...I gave her the Gorgeously Green book & a Chico bag, along with some tulips from my yard. And that's pretty much it for our Mother's Day around here.

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