Sunday, May 4, 2008

Karny Garden

We've usually had a garden ever since we moved into our home 8 years ago. It went from a pretty big garden to 3 raised beds to no garden at all (that was last year). We still had flower beds & some herbs, but no veggies. We just figured that with all the effort that we put into it & paying for the plants/seeds & probably wasn't any cheaper than going to the store or our local farmers market. So we took the raised beds out & planted grass.

Well, this year we decided to be more self sustaining (& to stop being lazy about it) sooooooo viva la garden! That book I was telling you about (eairler post), Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano is partly to blame for the whole thing. She challenges readers to plant something of a garden...even if it's just a window box or a pot of patio tomatoes. Plus, it was actually really handly to just walk out to the garden & pick some food for dinner without having to run to the store. It really is a convienience...& now I'm thinking of the gas I'm saving by not having to run to the store!

Last week we went in search of plants & seeds for our garden...we bought both seeds & plants. Hopefully this week we are getting started with some things. Some of the seeds say to plant as soon as the ground is workable & others say after all danger of frost. Mom tells me that my Grandmother always said not to plant if there was still snow in the mountains. We'll see if that proves true or not. We're going to garden by the Moon so I bought a handy little gardening almanac which says the best time to plant is going to be May 8 & 9 and May 15 & 16.

OH, I almost forgot! Some of the herbs I bought were organic & came in these really cool pots that are made from rice hulls! And here's the part that just makes me SO delighted....they are compostable! How cool is that? Take a peek...

Until next time...Run outside & catch some sun shine!

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