Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lessons of, "Those People".

The situation & the person who said this is not important to this story, so I will not elaborate on it much. The important part is what was said about me & my dearest friends. A person made a comment that they didn't like "those kind of people"...apparently intended as a put down, at least if felt like one at the time.

At first I was upset by this...I was hurt & offended...& the more I thought about it the more hurt & offended I became. Then I tried putting myself in the other persons shoes...perhaps they were struggling with their life or there were issues that I'm not aware of. I came to realize that this statement has very little to do with what kind of person I am. This wasn't a reflection of who I am or anything I did or didn't do. I had to ask myself why was I so hurt & offended...What was it in me that was being triggered? I needed to take a good hard look at myself & see if I have that same attitude towards others. So then I asked my higher self, "What's the lesson in this? What's the lesson in "Those People...?" Actually there ended up being a couple of lessons.

Yes, I guess I have had the attitude of "Those People". So then I had to ask myself, why? I guess it comes down to ego & judgment. If I feel lacking or less than as a person then it's much easier for me to lash out at someone else who I've deemed less than me...rather that taking the responsibility to fix my own issues that make me feel less than. And it doesn't serve anyone to hold on to this belief...it's brings my energy down even more than it does the person I was trying to put down...because really truly I am actually saying that about myself, which makes me even more less than as a person. It creates a viscous cycle, does not uplift & fulfill anyone, & is actually the act of casting negative energy against yourself. Learning this about myself is very empowering. I will set aside my ego & judgments to become more tolerant of people. I also gained insight into this persons actions. Now I feel compassion for this person & have found forgiveness in my heart for their actions. I'm a little sad for them too & send them prayers for peace in their heart & life.

"Those People", separates us...all of us. It says that a person is less than because they are different, whether it's because of their gender, sexuality, race, nationality, culture, religion, beliefs, or just the way they look. "Those People", has divided people, caused wars, created hate & suffering...Think of Hitler, The Burning Times, The Spanish Inquisition, Iraq, Darfur, Tibet, the way that the Native Americans & African Americans have been & continue to be treated. The list of examples could go on & on. "Those People" has created a lot of evil in the world. And sadly, "Those People" has separated us from our own communities, neighbors, & even owr own family members.

"Those People" are just like you. "Those People" are someone's mother, father, daughter, son, child, grandchild, grandmother, grandfather, friend. "Those People" are important & loved by the people in their life. "Those People" breathe, love, dream, struggle, suffer, feel joy & pain. "Those People" want their children to be safe & healthy. "Those People" just want to get through their day & have a little peace at the end of it. When we think of it like that, we all are "Those People" and we are no longer different & no longer separate.

In closing, I offer up a sincere prayer of gratitude to this individual & the Universe for creating the opportunity for me to learn this lesson. It has touched my heart & enriched my life in many unexpected ways. There is much Beauty found within this, that would have otherwise remained hidden to me.

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Crystal Ariadne said...

I had no idea that my husband's comment caused so much strife then revelation for you. Think of how I felt being married to him and being one of "those people." Very frustrating. That's okay, though. He has his own issues and he accepts me, just not my belief. Again, that's okay. And I wish I would have read this post earlier! It might have made my heart hurt just a little less when all that came about.

Miss you!