Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enaville Resort aka the Snakepit

A couple of weeks ago I was putting the final touches on things for my art show. The big task was writing descriptions for my paintings. It just seems so hard to put everything I was thinking & feeling when I was painting into words...Tony was telling to quit procrastinating & just get to it. I was on the last description...which of course was the hardest! What made it even worse was that is was a beautiful day out...I said, "I'd rather do something like go to the Snakepit & have a burger & fries!"I mean, I've lived in the area for most of my life & have never been to the Snakepit...Then Tony said that if I finished my description we could go. There's nothing like a little bribery to get the creative juices flowing! I was done in no time!

I had the best hamburger & fries ever! Really! The burger was huge & of course I had to get everything on it...the fries were perfect...golden crispy on the outside...not soggy...not hard & crunchy all the way through...beautiful fries done to perfection. Tony had the same thing & our daughter had chichen strips...which she says were the best ever. There were a few people in there. The waitress was super nice & running around like crazy...I think she was the only one waiting tables....but she wasn't frazzled or grouchy. Now that takes talent! There's no way I could do that job! Then an old timer came in...he had quite the beard going on...long & kinda separated into two. He sat at the table next to us...friendly guy with a big smile & he said, "Have you been in the water yet?" We said not yet & then he said, "I bet it's gotta be colder than sticking your butt in a 40 foot well in January!" Yep, that's what he said. We agreed with smiles on our faces...that's pretty funny. He proceeded to tell us all about the old logging days when it would only take one tree to make a load on a logging truck. And after we finished eating the waitress brought over huckleberry ice cream. We were stuffed, but how can you pass on free huckleberry ice cream? You can't...there's just no way...IT WAS AMAZING!

Here's a little history on the Enaville Resort aka the Snakepit: Enaville was named for a railroad crewman's wife, who was also the postmistress at the time. Her name was Ena. Enaville Resort, located in Enaville, was known over the years as the Snakepit, Josies, Clark Hotel, and many other 'unprintable' names. It has been a landmark for over 100 years. The Resort has served as a boomtown bar, railroad layover, hotel, house of ill repute, and starting point for loggers and miners of yesteryear. The owners started calling it the Enaville Resort in hopes of getting a liquor license. During the 1974 flood, they tied boats up at the foot of the steps since there was that much water and took pictures to send to Boise. They believed that if it appeared that they had lake frontage it would help in getting a liquor license.

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