Friday, July 18, 2008

Karny Family Day Trip: Coeur d'Alene River Area

Wednesday was family day. We took a little day trip up to the Coeur d'Alene River area. First stop was the Snakepit for breakfast. Once again it was super yummy & the staff was very friendly! Tony & I had the biscuits & gravey breakfast & our daughter had the veggie omlet. To top it off they gave us huckleberry ice cream again!

We went to Murray Idaho. It's been called a living ghost town. Murray was a big mining town back in the 1800's, but now the mining has stopped & the town is just one street. The buildings are still very charming though & you do kinda get the feel of the 'old days'. In Murray there is the Spragpole Inn & Museum. We were still full from breakfast so we didn't eat there, but I've heard the food is good & if we ever get back there I'm definately going to eat there. The museum is free, but there are donation boxes & can's here & there. There's a wooden chain that Walt Almquist carved from a single piece of wood. It is 120 feet long, has 903 links, & took him 20 years to finish. There's a collection of his carvings as well as many other collections such as: shells, minerals, cigarettes, dolls, old wisky jugs, bottles, spitoons, coins, blacksmithing tools, perfune bottles, buttons, keys, antlers & that's just a small portion. There is also historical information about Murray & the Silver Valley. More info can also be found here:

Then we were off to find Shadow Falls & Fern Falls. It took awhile to get there...most of the road was paved, but the last 4 miles was all gravel. I'm glad we took the Durango because I don't think our car would have made it...there's these concrete 'slats' put together in area's that are close to the guess is that's to keep the road from washing out...those are closer to the falls...they are pretty bumpy. The falls were really cool! They aren't so big that you can't get close to them. We saw people going behind & under the falls. More info on the falls can be found here: And you may want to call the Forest Service to get clearer directions.

If you look to the left on our blog, there's a section that says Karny Slideshows...that's where you can see a slideshow of our adventure. Enjoy!

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